Leads from your own website integrated intelligently into SuperOffice

Leadenhancer App for SuperOffice gives a unique insight into your prospects and customer behavior on your website

  • Discover your prospects and customers visit behavior on your website
  • Choose those you want to work with in SuperOffice and import
  • Assign follow-up activities to the right sellers
  • Follow their visits directly from SuperOffice

Now you can time your sales dialogue and raise your customer insight significantly, with Leadenhancer App for SuperOffice.


Leadhancer for SuperOffice makes it easy to work with your leads from your own website

How it works

Leadenhancer App for SuperOffice  gives you a quick overview of prespects and customers' visitor behavior on your site - all without leaving SuperOffice.

Our app allows you to easily select visitor companies from your site and load them into SuperOffice.

Clear Leadenhancer dashboard built into SuperOffice, provides a superb overview

The list of all visitors allows you to select and load them as leads to SuperOffice

Load leads from Leadenhancer to a Selection and assign them to the relevant seller.


With Leadenhancer App for SuperOffice, a salesperson's day often starts with a quick overview of the Leadenhancer dashboard

Creates value immediately

Leadhancer for SuperOffice  makes leads from your website available in SuperOffice.

As a seller, you suddenly gain valuable insight into prospects and customers, and it is offered highly operationally and intuitively in SuperOffice.

  • Get a quick overview of the Leadenhancer dashboard. Follow the development in the level of activity on your site, see sources as well as Top 10 lists of visitors
  • New leads with minimal effort. As a seller, you simply get relevant new leads added directly to SuperOffice, ready for processing
  • By being able to see which subpages on the site your customers and topics are looking at, you get an advantage in a subsequent sales situation
  • Discover  sleeping customers  who suddenly show interest in products on your website

If you have questions about Leadenhancer for SuperOffice, please contact us at tel: 70 20 19 78

Operational in SuperOffice

Create follow-up activities in the seller's calendar, directly from the Leadenhancer App

View visit history from your website on each contact card in SuperOffice in an additional web panel

Save single visits as activities in SuperOffice for subsequent statistics and segmentation

Leadenhancer App brings unique knowledge about your topics and customers into your company's core sales and marketing tool, namely SuperOffice.

Give your salespeople valuable insights about each of their topics and customers, with minimal effort.

With Leadenhancer App for SuperOffice, salesperson's day often starts with a quick overview of the Leadenhancer dashboard.

What i looks like in SuperOffice

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Get started quickly and easily

Leadhancer for SuperOffice is a standard app that can be installed easily from the SuperOffice App Store.

You can get Leadenhancer integrated with SuperOffice regardless of whether you're using SuperOffice CRM Online or SuperOffice On Premises (ver. 8+).

Simply go to the SuperOffice App Store -> click "Sign-up" and go through the registration process.

You will be contacted personally when the app is ready for use.

Please get in touch by completing this form:

Or call us at +45 70 20 19 78
or write to info@siteshop.dk

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