Assign “user” and/or “administrator” in Siteshop apps for SuperOffice

Updated on 13-11-2023

Assign “user” and/or “administrator”

To make users either “user” or “administrator” in SiteShop Apps, you need to be a SuperOffice administrator and follow these steps:

Navigate to “Settings and Maintenance”, as illustrated below.

Once you have completed the above step, you will arrive at the following page.

  1. Start by clicking on “Users”.

  2. Next, select the user who needs to be assigned the role of a user or administrator for our app.

  3. After choosing the correct user, assign the user the relevant role by assigning them the appropriate role in the “Other Groups” menu, as shown in step 3 in the image.

Siteshop “user” and “administrator” names in the different apps

Risika – Risk & Credit

  • Risk & Credit Users
  • Risk & Credit Administrators

Byggfakta SMART

  • Smart Users
  • Smart Administrators


  • ApsisOne Users
  • ApsisOne Administrators

Dun & Bradstreet

  • D&B Users
  • D&B Administrators


  • economic Users


  • Bisnode Users
  • Bisnode Administrators