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Feature Overview
Byggfakta Live for SuperOffice CRM


This document describes the functionality and settings for Byggfakta Live for SuperOffice CRM developed and maintained by Siteshop ApS.

Please note that separate licenses / subscriptions are needed for:

  • SuperOffice CRM Online
  • Byggfakta / FaktaNet Live (must include the Export Folder)
  • Byggfakta Live for SuperOffice integration by Siteshop ApS

The Byggfakta Live for SuperOffice CRM app lets you select construction projects from your Byggfakta / FaktaNet Live page and transfer them to SuperOffice CRM. This saves time, adds valuable information to SuperOffice and in general makes it very easy to work with data from Byggfakta Live in SuperOffice.

Overview / Workflow

Tjekliste mod venstre1) Log in to your Byggfakta Live / FaktaNet Live and select the relevant projects.
Add them to “My export folder”.
Tandhjul2) Data is now sent to the integration. Depending on the number of selected projects it can vary between a few minutes and up to 15 minutes.
Laptop3) The selected projects from Byggfakta Live has now been imported to SuperOffice as Projects or Sales, depending on how the app was installed
Bygning4) You can now select which companies and project members you want to connect to the Project or Sale in SuperOffice. This is done in the Byggfakta Live panel on either the Project or Sales page in SuperOffice
Minimer5) When adding a company or project member the integration will automatically check whether they already exist in SuperOffice. If so, you can connect the company or project member to the existing in SuperOffice to prevent duplicate data.
Synkroniserer sky6) When project details in Byggfakta Live are updated they will automatically be updated to the projects in SuperOffice.



  • Projects from Byggfakta Live that are selected and placed in My Export Folder, will automatically be imported to SuperOffice CRM

  • Projects from Byggfakta Live can be imported as a Project or a Sale in SuperOffice. This must be decided when the app is installed.

  • Standard fields and MorePage fields are imported

  • You can select from a list of many fields from Byggfakta Live to be mapped to the MorePage fields you want (see Available mapping Fields further down)

  • For each imported project, the corresponding companies and project members are displayed (but not yet imported) in a Byggfakta Live panel in SuperOffice

  • From the Byggfakta Live panel in SuperOffice on either Project or Sale, you can select and import the relevant companies and projects members to SuperOffice. The app creates Project Members for Projects and Stakeholders for Sales

  • Duplicate checks are made for each company or project member you decide to import. You can then either create as new or connect to existing

  • From the Byggfakta Live panel you can select a company and project member from the list and then add a new opportunity (Sale). This only applies if you import projects from Byggfakta Live as Projects in SuperOffice

  • AutoUpdate makes sure that changes in the projects from Byggfakta Live are automatically updated to the projects in SuperOffice

Available mapping Fields

In the table below you can see all the available fields for the Byggfakta Live integration.
These include fields for Projects/Sales only. All Company and Person fields are standard fields only.

Available mapping fields for Project/Sales in SuperOffice

Byggfakta Live FieldProg-id (for the MorePage fields)Type
Project Idfaktanet:PROJECT_IDshort text
Construction Sitefaktanet:CONSTRUCTION_SITEshort text
Construction Townfaktanet:CONSTRUCTION_TOWNshort text
Zip Codefaktanet:ZIP_CODEshort text
Postal Townfaktanet:POSTAL_TOWNShort text
Municipality Codefaktanet:MUNICIPALITY_CODEShort text
Municipality Descriptionfaktanet:MUNICIPALITY_DESCShort text
County Descriptionfaktanet:COUNTY_DESCShort text
Country Codefaktanet:COUNTRY_CODEShort text
Main Category Codefaktanet:MAIN_CATEGORY_CODEShort text
Main Category Descriptionfaktanet:MAIN_CATEGORY_DESCShort text
Main Dev Type Codefaktanet:MAIN_DEV_TYPE_CODEShort text
Main Dev Type Descriptionfaktanet:MAIN_DEV_TYPE_DESCShort text
Project Value Descriptionfaktanet:VALUE_DESCShort text
Start Datefaktanet:START_DATEShort text
Start Date Descriptionfaktanet:START_DATE_DESCShort text
Planning Stagefaktanet:PLANNING_STAGEShort text
Stagefaktanet:STAGEShort text
Planning Start Datefaktanet:PLANNING_START_DATEShort text
Planning Start Date Desc.faktanet:PLANNING_START_DATE_DESCShort text
Contract Typefaktanet:CONTRACT_TYPEShort text
Construction Periodfaktanet:CONSTRUCTION_PERIODShort text
Construction Periode Desc.faktanet:CONSTRUCTION_PERIOD_DESCShort text
End Datefaktanet:END_DATEShort text
End Date Desc.faktanet:END_DATE_DESCShort text
Storeys Below Groundfaktanet:STOREYS_BELOW_GROUNDNumber
Structuresfaktanet:STRUCTURESShort text
Parking Spacesfaktanet:PARKING_SPACESShort text
Gross Floor Areafaktanet:GROSS_FLOOR_AREAShort text
Net Floor Areafaktanet:NET_FLOOR_AREAShort text
Official Journal IDfaktanet:OFFICIAL_JOURNAL_IDLong text
Sitefaktanet:SITELong text
Create Datefaktanet:CREATE_DATELong text
Update Datefaktanet:UPDATE_DATELong text
Inactive Codefaktanet:INACTIVE_CODELong text
Inactive Desc.faktanet:INACTIVE_DESCLong text
Inactive Ref.faktanet:INACTIVE_REFLong text
Project Valuefaktanet:VALUENumber

To map the fields, you wish to integrate with SuperOffice you must add fields to the Project or Sale MorePage in the SuperOffice Administration client and enter the correct Prog-id for each of them. If you need help with this, please contact your SuperOffice reseller or local SuperOffice office.

Standard fields

Apart from the fields you can map to the MorePage a number of standard fields are also imported to SuperOffice.


Byggfakta Live FieldStandard field in SuperOfficeNote
Project NameProject Name / Sale Header
Url 1Project URL / Sale Link
Associate NameOur ContactUses the default Associate selected in Settings
Project TypeProjectTypeUses the default Type selected in Settings
End DateEnd Date
Project DescriptionDescriptionChoose mapping in Settings
Project DescriptionPostItChoose mapping in Settings


Byggfakta Live FieldStandard field in SuperOfficeNote
Company NameCompany Name 
Postal AddressPostal Address 
Postal ZipPostal Zip code 
Postal CityPostal City 
Visit AddressVisit Address 
Visit ZipVisit Zip code 
Visit CityVisit City 
Company EmailCompany Email 
Org No.Org No. 
Associate NameOur ContactUses the default Associate selected in Settings
BusinesBusinessUses the default Business selected in Settings
CategoryCategoryUses the default Category selected in Settings


Byggfakta Live FieldStandard field in SuperOfficeType
First NameFirst Name 
Last NameLast Name 
Mobile PhoneMobile Phone 
Office PhoneDirect Phone 
Private PhonePrivate Phone 
Associate NameOur ContactUses the default Associate selected in Settings


With SuperOffice administrator rights you can access the Byggfakta Live Administration panel by clicking the SuperOffice logo in the upper left corner. Here you can change the settings for the app but remember that the changes will affect all users of the app.

  • Activate / De-activate the App (panels must be de-activated manually)
  • Insert and test Byggfakta Live credentials (profile Id, Username, Password)
  • Set Role priorities (roles will be marked with a 1, 2 or 3 in the app)
  • Set prefix for dummy persons if the company role from Byggfakta Live has no person
  • Activate AutoUpdate
  • Choose whether standard fields will be updated during AutoUpdate or not
  • Select entities to be imported together with the projects (blank is recommended)
  • Set default values for new Projects (Our Contact, Project Type)
  • Set date format
  • Import Description text as Project Description or Post It
  • Set default values for new Companies (Our Contact, Business, Category)
  • Choose to import company postal address, street address or both
  • Set default values for new contacts (Our Contact)
  • Import personal contact information (blank is recommended)
  • Allow to create new opportunities (Sale)
  • Set default values for new opportunities (Source, Stage, Type, Amount (percentage of project value))

Technical Notes

  • The Byggfakta Live for SuperOffice app supports both SuperOffice On-premise (ver. 8+) and SuperOffice Online

  • For the integration to work the “Export Folder” option must be enabled in your subscription for Byggfakta Live. Contact Byggfakta to have this enabled

  • During installation of the app there will automatically be created unique ID key fields on the MorePages for both Company, Person, Sales and Projects. These fields are extremely important for the integration to work, so they should not be deleted

  • During installation of the app will automatically add most available MorePage fields to the Project or Sales card in SuperOffice.

How to get the app

You can sign-up for the Byggfakta Live app on the SuperOffice App Store:

Or you can contact

  • Your SuperOffice partner
  • Your local SuperOffice office
  • Your Byggfakta account manager
  • Siteshop directly

Siteshop ApS
(+45) 70 20 19 78


Please contact our support if you have questions regarding the Byggfakta integration for SuperOffice.
(+45) 70 20 19 78