Risika for Salesforce

Last updated on 30-10-2023

Insert tabs into the app

When you’re logged into your Salesforce organization:

  1. Click on the settings icon.

  2. Then select “Setup”.

Once you’re in the setup, locate “App Manager”.

  1. You can search for it using the “Quick Find” feature at the top left of the screen or find it under “Apps”.

  2. Click the “App Manager”.

After accessing the App Manager, find the app where “Risika Risk & Credit” needs to be used.

  1. In this example, we’re installing”Service”.

  2. When you’ve found the app, click on “Edit”.

After clicking “Edit”, do the following:

  1. Locate “Risk & Credit – Admin and Search” tabs.

  2. Then, click “Add” to include them in the right-side list.

  3. Finish by clicking “Save”.

Insert tabs on the account

Now, go to the app you modified.

  1. To do this, click on the “App Launcher”.

  2. Then select your app.

Once you’re inside your app:

  1. Click on “Account”. Thereafter, go to any account.

  2. Click the settings icon.

  3. Then choose “Edit page”.

After clicking “Edit Page”, you’ll be taken to the following page. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Activate the Main Window, which is indicated by a blue border around the box.

  2. Then, click “Add Tab”.

The new tab is now created.

  1. You can change its name by clicking on the tab visible on the right side under tabs.

  2. A new window will appear where you can name the new tab. You need to set the top one to “Custom” in order to edit the name.

After naming the tab, add a Visualforce module to the new tab.

  1. To do this, go to the new tab.

  2. Find the Visualforce module in the left-side menu (you can use the search field at the top of the left-side menu).

  3. Then drag and drop the module into the “Risk & Credit” tab.

After adding the Visualforce module to the tab, make sure you’ve selected “Risk & Credit info” on the right side.

  1. There are two “Risk & Credit info” options; choose the one at the top of the list.

  2. The number of pixels should be the height suited for your organization. Once you’ve finished configuring, click “Save” to save and complete this step.

The next step is to create a “Risk & Credit” tab in the sidebar.

  1. To do this, focus the smaller window to the right of the window you just configured.

  2. Once it’s focused, click “Add Tab”.

Now that the tab is created.

  1. Change its name by clicking on the tab in the right-sided menu.

  2. The tab will appear in a pop-up window where you can edit the name. You need to set the top one to “Custom” in order to edit the name.

After changing the name.

  1. Focus the tab.

  2. Then find the Visualforce module, which you’ll later drag and drop into the tab.

After adding the Visualforce module to the tab.

  1. Locate “Risk & Credit info”. Note that this time you should choose the bottom one of the two “Risk & Credit info” options.

  2. Finish the configuration by clicking “Save”.

Insert fields on the account

Now that both panels are configured, you can start adding fields to the integration.

  1. To do this, stand on “Details”.

  2. Then click on “Fields”.

If you see the information in the top right corner:

  1. Follow the instructions to upgrade.

If you don’t want to upgrade to dynamic forms, you can continue with the usual process instead.

Once the upgrade process is taken care of.

1, 2 & 3: Add fields by dragging and dropping the desired fields into the “Details” tab. Finish and complete by clicking “Save”.

After saving the fields, it may be necessary to activate the layout.

Grant access to the app

The first time you open a Risk & Credit tab, you will be greeted with this prompt.


Field labelFieldnameTypeNotes
Risk & Credit KeySiteshop__riskcredit_company_key__cstring
Risk & Credit Last UpdatedSiteshop__riskcredit_company_updated__cstring
Local company IDSiteshop__riskcredit_local_organization_id_id__cstring
Company NameSiteshop__riskcredit_company_name__cstring
Company typeSiteshop__riskcredit_company_type_long__cstring
Company typeSiteshop__riskcredit_company_type_short__cstring
Registered for VATSiteshop__riskcredit_vat__cbool
Name of bankSiteshop__riskcredit_bank_company_name__cstring
Bank IDSiteshop__riskcredit_bank_local_id__cstring
Bank countrySiteshop__riskcredit_bank_local_country__cstring
Email hiddenSiteshop__riskcredit_email_hidden__cbool
Phone hiddenSiteshop__riskcredit_phone_hidden__cbool
Company nameSiteshop__riskcredit_address_coname__cstring
Street numberSiteshop__riskcredit_address_number__cstring
BOHR Date of scoreSiteshop__riskcredit_BOHR_date__cdate/string
BOHR ScoreSiteshop__riskcredit_BOHR_score__cint
BOHR Risk assesmentSiteshop__riskcredit_BOHR_risk_assesment__cstring
BOHR Probability of distressSiteshop__riskcredit_BOHR_probability__cstring
BOHR Risk codeSiteshop__riskcredit_BOHR_risk_assesment_code__cstring
NEWTON Date of scoreSiteshop__riskcredit_NEWTON_date__cdate/string
NEWTON ScoreSiteshop__riskcredit_NEWTON_score__cstring
NEWTON Risk assesmentSiteshop__riskcredit_NEWTON_risk_assesment__cstring
NEWTON Probability of distressSiteshop__riskcredit_NEWTON_probability__cstring
NEWTON Risk codeSiteshop__riskcredit_NEWTON_risk_assesment_code__cstring
Status codeSiteshop__riskcredit_status_code__cstring
Audit selectedSiteshop__riskcredit_audit_selected__cbool
Financial year endSiteshop__riskcredit_financial_year_end__cstring
Financial year startSiteshop__riskcredit_financial_year_start__cstring
Powers to bindSiteshop__riskcredit_powers_to_bind__cstring
Holding companySiteshop__riskcredit_holding_company__cbool
Last report dateSiteshop__riskcredit_last_report_date__cdate/string
Company registersSiteshop__riskcredit_company_registers__cstring
Has financial reportsSiteshop__riskcredit_financial_reports__cbool
Status valid fromSiteshop__riskcredit_status_valid_from__cdate/string
Industry codeSiteshop__riskcredit_industry_code__cstring
Industry sectionSiteshop__riskcredit_industry_section__cstring
Industry descriptionSiteshop__riskcredit_industry_description__cstring
ISIC codeSiteshop__riskcredit_industry_isic_code__cstring
ISIC sectionSiteshop__riskcredit_industry_isic_section__cstring
ISIC descriptionSiteshop__riskcredit_industry_isic_description__cstring
NACE codeSiteshop__riskcredit_industry_nace_code__cstring
NACE sectionSiteshop__riskcredit_industry_nace_section__cstring
NACE descriptionSiteshop__riskcredit_industry_nace_description__cstring
Registered share capitalSiteshop__riskcredit_registered_capital_value__cint
Employees IntervalSiteshop__riskcredit_number_of_employees_interval__cstring
Advertisement protectionSiteshop__riskcredit_advertisement_protection__cbool
Internal IDSiteshop__riskcredit_internal_id__cstring
Adheres to credit policySiteshop__riskcredit_credit_policy_allowed__cbool
Risk assesmentSiteshop__riskcredit_risk_assessment__cstring
Risk codeSiteshop__riskcredit_risk_assessment_code__cstring
Registered share capital in 1000Siteshop__riskcredit_registered_capital_value_k__cint