Risika Risk & Credit – Form and Fields in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Last updated on 16-11-2023

To make changes to forms and fields, you need to be logged in to make.powerapps.com.

When you are inside Dynamics, we recommend the following approach for adjustments to forms and fields.

Edit Your App

  1. Click on “Apps”.

  2. Click on “All”.

  3. Find the app you’re using; in this example, we’re using Sales Hub.

  4. Click on the ellipsis for Sales Hub.

  5. Click on “Edit”.

Add Settings Panel

After clicking “Edit” you’ll arrive at the following page, where you should:

  1. Create a new page.

  2. Click on “Web Resource”.

  3. Click “Next”.

After clicking “Next” you’ll reach the following page, where you should:

  1. Find and click on “Risk & Credit Admin” in the URL.

  2. Next, you should name this tab. You could for example name it “Risk & Credit Admin”.

  3. Finish by clicking “Add”.

  4. Optional step: Limit this page to only be available to certain users, if needed.

Another web resource needs to be added, so let’s repeat the process again.

  1. Create a new page.

  2. Click on “Web Resource”.

  3. Click “Next”.

After clicking “Next” you’ll reach the following page, where you should:

  1. Find and click on “Risk & Credit Search” in the URL.

  2. Next, you should name this tab. You could for example name it “Risk & Credit Search”.

  3. Finish by clicking “Add”.

Customize the form

  1. Click on “Accounts form”.

  2. Click “Edit Form”.

You will now arrive at the following window, where you should do the following:

  1. Click on “Component”.

  2. Click on or drag and drop “1-column tab” into the menu in step 3.

  3. It will now appear in the menu highlighted in step 3, and you can adjust its placement by dragging and dropping.

  1. Focus on the new tab.

  2. Click “Properties”.

  1. Compare the “Display Options” and ensure they match the ones shown in the image.

A new tab has been created, in this case named “Risk & Credit”. Now, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the new tab.

  2. Search for “HTML web resource”.

  3. & 4. Click on or drag and drop it into the grey area.

Now, the following window will appear, where you should:

  1. Search for “Risk”.

  2. Check “Risk & Credit (siteshop_riskcredit_panel)”.

  3. Click “Add”.

After the new HTML web resource has been created, follow these steps:

  1. Fokus the HTML resource.

  2. Compare the “Display options” to ensure they are the same.

Create a section

  1. Click on “Summary”.

  2. Search for “Section”.

  3. Select “1-column Section”.

  4. Drag and drop it as indicated in the image. Note that a small purple arrow should appear when you release it.

Now that you’ve created a new section, you need to check that it matches the following image:

  1. Focus on the new section.

  2. Compare it with what is specified in the “Display Options” in the image.

Once the new section is created and has the correct “display options,” proceed to create an HTML web resource.

  1. Click on “Summary”.

  2. Search for “HTML”.

  3. & 4. Drag and drop the HTML resource into the new section.

Afterward, you will be presented with this window:

  1. Search for “risk”.

  2. Find “Risk & Credit (siteshop_riskcredit_side)”.

  3. Add it.

Now that the HTML resource has been added to the new section, ensure that it has the correct “Display Options”.

  1. Focus on the HTML resource.

  2. Compare the display options with what is indicated in the image below.

Insert form fields

 Important: You must have the “siteshop_riskcredit_company_key field placed.

  1. Click on “Form field”.

  2. Click on “Summary”.

  3. Click on or drag and drop an element from the list that should be displayed in the account form, and position it by dragging and dropping.


Field NameColumn nameTypeNotes
Risk & Credit Keysiteshop_riskcredit_company_keystring
Risk & Credit Last Updatedsiteshop_riskcredit_company_updatedstring
Local company IDsiteshop_riskcredit_local_organization_id_idstring
Company Namesiteshop_riskcredit_company_namestring
Company typesiteshop_riskcredit_company_type_longstring
Company typesiteshop_riskcredit_company_type_shortstring
Registered for VATsiteshop_riskcredit_vatbool
Name of banksiteshop_riskcredit_bank_company_namestring
Bank IDsiteshop_riskcredit_bank_local_organization_id_idstring
Bank countrysiteshop_riskcredit_bank_local_organization_id_countrystring
Email hiddensiteshop_riskcredit_email_hiddenbool
Phone hiddensiteshop_riskcredit_phone_hiddenbool
Company namesiteshop_riskcredit_address_conamestring
Street numbersiteshop_riskcredit_address_numberstring
BOHR Date of scoresiteshop_riskcredit_score_data_BOHR_datedate/string
BOHR Scoresiteshop_riskcredit_score_data_BOHR_scoreint
BOHR Risk assesmentsiteshop_riskcredit_score_data_BOHR_risk_assessmentstring
BOHR Probability of distresssiteshop_riskcredit_score_data_BOHR_probability_of_distressstring
BOHR Risk codesiteshop_riskcredit_score_data_BOHR_risk_assessment_codestring
NEWTON Date of scoresiteshop_riskcredit_score_data_NEWTON_datedate/string
NEWTON Scoresiteshop_riskcredit_score_data_NEWTON_scorestring
NEWTON Risk assesmentsiteshop_riskcredit_score_data_NEWTON_risk_assessmentstring
NEWTON Probability of distresssiteshop_riskcredit_score_data_NEWTON_probability_of_distressstring
NEWTON Risk codesiteshop_riskcredit_score_data_NEWTON_risk_assessment_codestring
Status codesiteshop_riskcredit_status_codestring
Audit selectedsiteshop_riskcredit_audit_selectedbool
Financial year endsiteshop_riskcredit_financial_year_endstring
Financial year startsiteshop_riskcredit_financial_year_startstring
Powers to bindsiteshop_riskcredit_powers_to_bindstring
Holding companysiteshop_riskcredit_holding_companybool
Last report datesiteshop_riskcredit_last_report_datedate/string
Company registerssiteshop_riskcredit_company_registersstring
Has financial reportssiteshop_riskcredit_financial_reportsbool
Status valid fromsiteshop_riskcredit_status_valid_fromdate/string
Industry codesiteshop_riskcredit_main_industry_code_codestring
Industry sectionsiteshop_riskcredit_main_industry_code_sectionstring
Industry descriptionsiteshop_riskcredit_main_industry_code_descriptionstring
ISIC codesiteshop_riskcredit_main_industry_code_isic_codestring
ISIC sectionsiteshop_riskcredit_main_industry_code_isic_sectionstring
ISIC descriptionsiteshop_riskcredit_main_industry_code_isic_descriptionstring
NACE codesiteshop_riskcredit_main_industry_code_nace_codestring
NACE sectionsiteshop_riskcredit_main_industry_code_nace_sectionstring
NACE descriptionsiteshop_riskcredit_main_industry_code_nace_descriptionstring
Registered share capitalsiteshop_riskcredit_registered_capital_valueint
Employees Intervalsiteshop_riskcredit_number_of_employees_intervalstring
Advertisement protectionsiteshop_riskcredit_advertisement_protectionbool
Internal IDsiteshop_riskcredit_internal_idstring
Adheres to credit policysiteshop_riskcredit_credit_policy_allowedbool
Risk assesmentsiteshop_riskcredit_risk_assessmentstring
Risk codesiteshop_riskcredit_risk_assessment_codestring

Registered share capital in 1000