APSIS One for your CRM-system

Unfold the secrets of your CRM data to make your campaigns more effective

APSIS One for you CRM-system will improve the hit rate of your marketing campaigns, give you better leads and increase your revenue.

As a salesperson you will benefit from having tick sharp and fresh campaign details coming straight from the marketing campaign and into your CRM.



APSIS One is a modern, easy to use and all-in-one marketing platform that gives your marketing people all the tools they need to make creative and personalized campaigns on every channel available.

APSIS One integrated with your CRM-system will give you better targeted marketing campaigns and in return make your sales conversations easier.

Getting started is easy

Being a 100% standard-app getting started has never been easier. No programming or heavy configuration is needed, follow the link below and fill out the registration forms and you will be contacted shortly after.

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APSIS One in your CRM

Understanding prospect and customer behavior, purchase history, recent activity level and preferences in general will vastly improve the timing and relevance of each marketing campaign you do. And all this information is right there in your CRM-system so that we can help you share this easily with APSIS One.

The APSIS One app for CRM is a plug ‘n play integration that seamlessly update information between your CRM and APSIS One. This will improve the impact of your marketing campaigns and thereby send better leads back to the sales department - which will increase your revenue.

APSIS One is a modern, easy to use and all-in-one marketing platform that gives your marketing people all the tools they need to make creative and personalized campaigns on every channel available. Loading this with specific prospect and customer insight from CRM will enrich each profile and enable marketing to send the right message to the right people with the right timing.

APSIS One – get more from your marketing with less effort

APSIS One is the easy-to-use marketing platform that offers essential tools for any modern marketer who wants to manage and build great customer experiences. With APSIS One you get the ability to personalize at scale and a state-of-the-art segmentation engine.

Automate your customer journey and leverage data to create growth. Launch marketing campaigns through automation across all your channels.

APSIS also has an engaging service team with a substantial partner channel, so you are never left alone with questions, and you can always get help to execute your campaigns.

CRM is where you maintain and segment your customers

Your CRM-system is where you put down all your specific customer and prospect information. Every interaction, meeting, sales quote, purchase history, preferences and even consent. This knowledge is extremely valuable for your marketing people in order to target the right customers with the right message, at the right time.

Automatic integration with APSIS One for CRM

With our APSIS One app for CRM it becomes very easy to upload any segment (Selection) from CRM to APSIS One. Any changes in the segment in CRM will automatically be updated in APSIS One by the app. This will automatically keep your Audience in APSIS One relevant and of high data quality.

APSIS One - effective marketing with less effort

With your valuable CRM data loaded into APSIS One you are now ready to use all the fantastic tools included and make more impact with your campaigns. With the knowledge you have from CRM your campaigns can be more relevant and get better response.

All key functions

  • Transfer contacts from CRM to APSIS One hassle-free
  • Use dynamic lists (Selection) in CRM and send APSIS One automatically
  • Changes in CRM will automatically update APSIS One
  • Consent is handled in CRM
  • Standard app, easy to implement and maintain
  • Engaging service team and massive partner channel


  • CRM data adds more impact to your marketing campaigns
  • Well-timed campaigns produce quality leads
  • Automatic updates keeps data relevant
  • Close the gap between sales and marketing

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