Connect your sales and marketing with APSIS Pro to SuperOffice CRM

Get to know your customers better! Analyze the responses to your newsletters and use them to make the right follow-up activities directly in SuperOffice.

Avoid manually updating multiple lists - Connect your contacts in SuperOffice to the mailing lists in APSIS Pro.

APSIS Pro integrated into SuperOffice simply push your email campaigns to another level.


APSIS Pro for SuperOffice ensures an easy and fluid integration between your CRM and Marketing system

How it works

APSIS Pro App work for SuperOffice lets you take advantage of all the powerful email marketing tools you use in APSIS Pro, with all the valuable customer information you have in SuperOffice.

Integration ensures that your contacts are always synchronized between SuperOffice and APSIS Pro. Link Selections (dynamic or static) from SuperOffice with Mailing Lists in APSIS Pro

When you add or remove contacts from the Selectionthey are automatically synchronized with APSIS Pro. Follow the reactions that different mail campaigns envoke, directly from SuperOffice

On each contact or personal card in SuperOffice, you can easily see which email campaigns they have received, opened, read, etc.

Easy and fast workflows

APSIS Pro for SuperOffice takes advantage of the workflows you already have in SuperOffice so you can continue working as usual.

Typically, you maintain your relationships and contacts in SuperOffice and collect those you want to send newsletters and campaigns in a static or dynamic Selection.

With a few clicks, you can sync this Selection with APSIS Pro so the same people can be found in your Mailing List in Apsis. If the person is removed from the Committee again, this will also be automatically removed from the list in APSIS.

You will ensure that your SuperOffice committees match the Mailing Lists you work with in APSIS Pro.

Great advantages

Our integration with APSIS Pro immediatly creates value and ensures i.a. your SuperOffice users far faster workflows.

  • Automatic exchangeof contacts between SuperOffice and APSIS Pro saves a lot of time
  • Permission management can only be done from SuperOffice but synchronized automatically
  • Build Selections in SuperOffice based on responses from each email campaign
  • Instantly see in SuperOffice which email campaigns your customers open, read, click on, etc.
  • Better data quality, integration ensures that personal information is the same in both systems
  • Go from idea to execution quickly and easily. Create a new Selection, link it to APSIS Pro and start the email campaign

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What it looks like in SuperOffice

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Get off to a good start

It's easy to get started with APSIS Pro for your SuperOffice. Just contact your local Apsis office to get an appointment around the app.

You can use APSIS Pro for SuperOffice regardeless of whether you are using SuperOffice CRM Online or SuperOffice On-Premise (ver. 8+).

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