Make your CRM system truly data-driven. Today.

Integrate updated business data directly into SuperOffice CRM

Your customers and suppliers constantly change, so it can be a challenge to keep track of data.

But with Market Data Denmark, you always have the latest information about all Danish companies directly in your SuperOffice CRM - and it creates value across all departments in the company.


Market Data Denmark adds a lot of new features to SuperOffice CRM, creating value and saving time every day.

A super good data quality

With Market Data Denmark for SuperOffice, you get access to the latest information about all Danish companies, so you can easily keep all your contact information up to date. Your data quality simply becomes better when you get data integrated directly into your CRM system.

You also avoid calling out obsolete phone numbers or reaching addresses where your customers no longer live.

Do not waste time on duplicates

You can access a built-in duplicate check feature that helps you capture any duplicates before you transfer companies from Market Data Denmark to SuperOffice.

Mind the unsolicited marketing Protection

With Market Data Denmark for SuperOffice, you always get identified companies legally protected against unsolicited advertising, so you can sort them off when working with market commissions.

That way, you will not mistakenly contact companies who should not recieve unsolicited marketing

Easily find new customers

You can easily find new leads that are of particular interest to you in D&B's online database. You can import the prospects to SuperOffice CRM in no time which gives you all the information in one place. It takes only a few clicks to search, select and transfer the companies you want to work with in SuperOffice.

With data collected in one place, you save time on manual market research.

Customized Campaigns

When creating campaigns, you can easily find the relevant audience directly in SuperOffice. Based on a segmentation of industry, number of employees, geography, you will find the items you want - and easily transfer them to a Selection in SuperOffice. D&B's solution also helps to spot prospects that are already in SuperOffice so you can actively choose whether you want to continue working with them.

Work smart with segmentation and audience selections for your campaigns and target your customers with customized messages.

See the larger picture

The interaction between Market Data Denmark and SuperOffice is especially prevalent when you start to use all the valuable information the app offers and which you can acces directly in your CRM system.

All you need to know about your customers and prospects at you're your fingertips. For example, see the financial ratios, company details, contacts, and related business information of all all the Companies in your SuperOffice.

You can also read all your customers' annual accounts in PDF - you can see the last 5 years of accounts.

All this can be done with one click in the D&B Info tab when you have the desired company at hand in SuperOffice.

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Get off to a good start

It's easy to get started with Market Data Denmark for your SuperOffice. Just contact D&B Denmark (+45 70 22 04 10) to get an appointment about the app.

We recommend that you create a data mask of your customer data when setting up the app.

Available on the App Store

You can use Market Data Denmark regardless of whether you use SuperOffice CRM Online or SuperOffice On-premise (ver. 8+).

Simply go to the SuperOffice App Store -> finde Market Data Denmark and click 'Install' and go through the registration process.

We will contact you personally when the app is ready for use.

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