Byggfakta SMART, for CRM

Excellent sales insight and timing with Byggfakta SMART in your CRM system

Byggfakta SMART for CRM let's you handle construction project data from all Nordic countries directly in your CRM system.

The powerful sales and marketing tools in your CRM system, adds to this synergetic combination of important information and the proper tools to process them.


Byggfakta SMART for CRM includes data from these countries:

  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Finland

The integration is made for these CRM systems:

This is plug 'n play

Being a 100% standard-app getting started has never been easier. No programming or heavy configuration is needed, and your can relax knowing that the integration is monitored by our service team and will always be compatible with the latest version of your CRM.

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Byggfakta SMART and CRM is a powerful combination

  • Get notified

    Get email notifications from SMART whenever a new exciting and relevant project is available.

  • Find everything with ease

    Use the powerful search feature in SMART to quickly find the projects you need.

  • Narrow down with filters

    The SMART filters will ensure that only relevant projects are presented to you.

  • Transfer to CRM with one click

    Browse, research and evaluate the projects in SMART. Change status to "Working with" to send them to CRM.

  • Sales process in CRM

    Once in CRM you can assign the project to the right person and start the sales process.

  • CRM is automatically updated

    Every project in CRM is automatically kept up to date. When a change happens in SMART it is updated in CRM as well.

Invitations and tenders from the Nordic Region

Byggfakta SMART is an online database that contains detailed information about tendering and Public procurements for construction projects throughout Scandinavia.

In addition, SMART also includes the companies that are affiliated with the projects and often what roles they have.

Byggfakta SMART is always up-to-date and is therefore a vital source of data for your salespeople for leads and potential projects.

Use SMART as your source of new leads , which you can then work on in CRM.


Easy integration

With our Byggfakta SMART integration, it's easy to transfer this important information to CRM, thus gathering information in one place and optimizing workflows.

In Byggfakta Live, simply find the desired projects and markt them as "Working With".

The integration starts up automatically and you shortly thereafter have all the relevant information available in CRM.

The integration saves you and your colleagues many hours of repetitive work by eliminating the manual entries in CRM completely

Get the perfect overview in CRM of all the Projects that come from Byggfakta SMART.


Add new construction projects to your CRM system instantly and with ease

Whenever you want to add new projects to your CRM system just log in to SMART and select the ones your need. Find any projects in the Nordic countries with ease, select the one you need and click "Working with". The app will of course check for duplicates first and then create the project for you in CRM.

AutoUpdate keeps your CRM data fresh

Project details change every day and with the included AutoUpdate feature those changes are automatically updated in your CRM system. Knowing that you can always trust the project data in your CRM system is extremely valuable to all the CRM users.

More insight and better timing

Highly relevant and up to date project details will help you improve your timing with every sales effort you make. Better timing and more insight is the key to closing the deal with the right products, at the right time.

All key functions

  • Easy way to transfer new projects from SMART to CRM
  • Checks for duplicate data before each import
  • Get project details in the user-defined fields for further segmentation
  • Weekly AutoUpdate of project data and user-defined fields
  • See and import companies in the Byggfakta SMART web panel in CRM
  • GDPR and Consent is handled when importing a contact person
  • Support for both manual and automatic workflow

Every feature in this list is included in our very user-friendly standard app which is seamlessly integrated with your CRM system.


  • Find and load new leads directly in your CRM system
  • Save time and resources by avoiding manual updates
  • Avoid duplicates in your CRM system
  • See project details, roles and contacts for each project in CRM
  • See project data from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland in one integration
  • Organize the project data and avoid wasting time on outdated information in CRM

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