Risika - Risk & Credit, for CRM

Credit assessment of customers and prospects doesn't have to be complicated.

Risk & Credit integrated in your CRM provides you with:

  • Instant credit assessment and Risk Score for CRM leads and customers.
  • Company credit policy made accessible and visible in CRM.
  • Add only high-credit-rating companies to CRM.

Avoid credit assessment only happening at the invoicing stage. Save time for everyone by making it accessible for sales, marketing, etc. in CRM.


With Risika - Risk & Credit for CRM, you can easily make a credit assessment of companies from these countries:

  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Finland

This is a plug 'n play app.

It has never been easier to get started, as this is a standard app. No need for programming or heavy configuration, and you can relax knowing that our service team monitors the operation of the integration and that it will always be compatible with the latest versions of your CRM system.

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Benefits of connecting Risk & Credit to your CRM


Risika ❤️ CRM

  • Sales focus only on paying customers

    Discover bad payers immediately, before you waste time on calls, meetings, offers, follow-ups, redundant invoicing, etc.

  • Save time and cost for Marketing

    Only include companies in your marketing flows with a good credit rating. Avoid wasting time and unnecessary effort on bad payers.

  • Implement your own credit policy

    Make your company's credit policy clear and useful for everyone, so you can make good decisions faster.

  • Only add new companies in CRM with good credit

    Search for new companies and import directly into CRM. Duplicate checks ensure data quality in CRM and Risk Score and credit policy ensure that only good payers are created in CRM.

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