When Sales know more, they sell more

Our apps automatically make your CRM the know-it-all application keeping your sales team busy with quality leads and closing deals.

Apps boosting the quality of your CRM-system

Better customer experience with data-driven CRM

Different data sources across applications and departments causes a fragmented view of your customer.

When data from customer service, finance, marketing, and CRM software is siloed, it’s hard to get an accurate or complete picture of who their customers are. Leads will turn cold, and customers slip through your fingers.

A centralized CRM application with integrated customer data will boost the value for everyone in your organization and make it easer to take decisions based on facts instead of guessing.

So avoid those data silos! Boost the quality of your CRM data! Save time, make your CRM users happier and grow your business.

“Customer data has become the key ingredient in providing a better customer experience. Those who fail to adapt to this will fall behind.”


Tom Davis
Chief Marketing Officer at Forbes Media

Some of our happy customers

Activating our apps and using them are super easy. You will immediately start saving time, improve data quality and add customer insight to your CRM. This will increase sales and revenue.

Lars Dyre Jespersen
CEO, Siteshop ApS

Unique benefits of Siteshop apps

Standard apps

Our apps are plug 'n play and easy to deploy, use and maintain. Get started today!

Powerful brands

We give you access to services from powerful brands like Dun & Bradstreet, APSIS, Byggefakta, Visma e·conomic etc.

20+ years experience

Working with CRM and data integrations since 1999 we know what works for you

Proactive support

Our central monitoring system helps us quickly detect and resolve any issues that might occur

Cloud based

Our apps and integrations are cloud based and ready to go. Maintenance and upgrades are done automatically


Relax knowing that our apps automatically work with the latest version of your CRM system.

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